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About The Company

Faith Computing Pty Ltd is a company with multiple trading names. Owned by Scott Nailon, Faith Computing started trading as a computer repair business and evolved into a holding company for web design and marketing brands. Through constant trial and error Scott learnt what works and doesn’t work in the online marketing industry. Creating his operating name ‘Sites By Design’ in early days the business was developed from a platform of supplying cheap websites for small businesses. The offering and price grew as years passed and Sites By Design now has a much more valuable offer. In July 2017 Managed SEO was launched as a brand exclusively created to help people with their search engine needs.

Our Business Names

Sites By Design
Sites By Design is a boutique Web Design agency offering success through a 5 step framework.

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Managed SEO
Managed SEO is a boutique Search Engine agency offering success through Onsite and Offsite SEO.

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The Arnold Collection
The Arnold Collection is a hobby business dedicated to the hard work of bodybuilder and photographer Robert Nailon

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Whats With The ‘Faith’ Part?

It is no secret that Scott Nailon is a follower of the bible. The company was named ‘Faith Computing’ due to the profound impact Faith has had on Scotts life. Scott puts his Faith in the God of the Bible, in particular Jesus Christ. Hi belief is not in religion, of which Jesus was no fan either, but Faith in the creator God who sent Jesus for a reason. If you would like more understanding of the message of the Gospel please watch the video below to see a video which some describe as offensive, which explains it without pulling punches.